Shaping the future of Retail

Beam’s mission is to unite digital payments, consumer experience and retail marketing. To this, Beam Wallet focuses on all the pillars of its innovation strategy, creating an authentic 360º solution adapted to all retail and commerce agents.


#5 in Financial IT Pathfinder Rankings

Coming in at No. 5 on the Top 50 most promising startups from across Europe. Voted by an expert Panel, consisting of industry veterans, venture capitalists (VCs) and Financial IT’s senior editors and research analysts.


Plataform for the future

Beam is a global payments acceptance platform for the 21st century with built-in support for smart contracts. Rather than wasting over $4.5 trillion on payment fees, utilizing unmeasurable marketing and inefficient processes, we created Beam to allow stakeholders of the retail value chain to reward their customers directly.

Our vision is to create a future where every product and service is perfectly matched to our needs and wants; and knows the customer it’s destined for in advance. We are no longer wasting our time searching for products and services; and the retailers are not wasting their money searching for us. Instead, what we need and want find us at the right time, right place and for the right price.


Where Beam is making
a difference

We have several technological partners with whom we have carried out BEAM integrations: SAGE, SHOPIFY, WOOCOMMERCE. Whether implementations in ecommerce checkouts, or as a payment method in invoicing software.

We deserve the trust of hundreds of stores that have decided to innovate and be more futuristic when it comes to accepting payments. Be part of our huge list of partners and take your business to the highest level of success.


Market Position

With built-in support for smart contracts, Beam enables all stakeholders in the entire retail value chain to exchange data for value without having to invest in a proprietary loyalty solution or spend any money upfront. And since multiple network participants are competing to unlock the value attached to smart contracts, the stakeholders will always get the best possible outcome in terms of effectiveness and cost efficiency.


In addition, the added benefit of Beam as Payment method allows customers to automatically collect cash rewards on each purchase they can use whenever and wherever they want, as well as the possibility of using another source of funding to pay for purchases.


Finally, when joining Beam, Merchants do not need to have banking licenses or deal with agreements and proprietary integrations at each point of sale. A single integration with the Beam Platform takes care of all integrations, fund flow and settlements between all parts of the network.



The Vicious Cycle of Uncertainty

Over $4.5 trillion dollars is extracted out of the retail value chain each year in the form of payment processing fees, upfront marketing spend and waste.

Win the Data War

Rather than spending trillions on payment processing fees, media buying and marketing, the retail value chain rewards its customers directly for their data. Every interaction with customers generates insights driving better decisions and further reducing waste.


Why choose Beam Wallet

Retail value chain stakeholders:

Achieve the desired behavior encoded in smart contracts.


Earn monetary or intrinsic value from every transaction.

Networks participants

Unlock the value attached to the smart contract of a given challenge...

Token holders

The value of a Beam token is linked to the total throughput of transactions processed on the network.

Want to be part of the team?

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Have any questions?

Who can join BEAM?

Anyone can create their own Beam account! Just download the app for free.

How many Cards can I associate?

You can associate up to 10 cards, debit, credit, national or international cards!

My rewards have an expiration date?

No! You can spend in any participating store, without expiration date or conditions! Partner campaigns, however, are of a temporary nature and deadlines apply. These are stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Where can I use my discounts?

You can spend your rewards at any participating store or service!

How do I validate my card?

1. Enter your card data in the Beam Wallet App.
2. A verification amount will be debited from your account and then deposited automatically to confirm that the associated card is real and trusted.

How to use beam wallet?

It’s easy! Just install the app and start saving every time you make a payment.


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