Beam Benefits in the Future of the Circular Economy! ♻️

In an increasingly aware world of the importance of preserving our resources and reducing environmental impact, the transition to a circular economy has become a global priority. This approach seeks to replace the traditional model of “produce, use, and discard” with one that minimizes waste and maximizes the use of available resources. In this context, […]

Retain customers and increase business sales! 📊

Dear traders, Want to attract and retain customers to increase your store’s sales? Let us introduce you to Beam, the leading loyalty marketing and digital payments platform that together deliver the best shopping experience to your customers. Optimal shopping experience: With Beam, your store’s customers will have a unique shopping experience, with agile, secure digital […]

Beam: The Integral Platform for the Sustainable Success of Online Stores Worldwide 🌍

Standing out and staying ahead of a crowd of competitors is a constant challenge for online store managers, who are looking daily for complete and powerful solutions to implement their e-commerce strategies and achieve sustainable success. In this article, we will explore some  features of the Beam loyalty and digital payments marketing platform and  see […]

Beam and Sage 50c: The Power of Integration

“Boosting Retail Trade and Profitability in the IT Channel” What is Beam and What Does It Do? Beam is a disruptive global circular economy solution that enables effective customer loyalty marketing campaigns and digital payments at a reasonably low cost through its platform. This translates to savings and economic growth for both customers and brands. […]

The future of payments is digital

Current forms of payment: a) CashI have a $50.00 bill in my pocket. I go to a restaurant for dinner and pay with the bill. The owner of the restaurant then uses it to pay the bill for the laundry. The owner of the laundromat then uses it to pay the barber. The barber uses […]

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