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Beam and Sage 50c: The Power of Integration

Beam and Sage 50c: The Power of Integration

Boosting Retail Trade and Profitability in the IT Channel

What is Beam and What Does It Do?

Beam is a disruptive global circular economy solution that enables effective customer loyalty marketing campaigns and digital payments at a reasonably low cost through its platform. This translates to savings and economic growth for both customers and brands.

What is Sage 50c and What Does It Do?

Sage 50cloud is a comprehensive business management solution that keeps your business under control. From electronic invoicing, e-commerce, stock and inventory control to treasury management, Sage 50cloud is the integrated solution that will enhance your business productivity and efficiency.

The Value Added by Beam to Sage 50c

The synchronization of digital payment acceptance and loyalty marketing features within the Sage 50c software provides a seamless user experience centered around agile and secure digital payments. Moreover, this integration:

  • Enhances operational efficiency in treasury and marketing areas.
  • Facilitates intelligent data collection for decision-making.
  • Enables personalized segmentation of loyalty campaigns.
  • Manages cashback rewards, QR code discounts and vouchers, and special campaigns.
  • Allows real-time monitoring and adjustment of campaigns.
  • In turn, store users accumulate monetary rewards (with no expiration date) for use in future purchases at stores associated with the Beam platform.

Benefits of Beam and Sage 50c for Business Partners

The integration of Beam and Sage 50c offers a range of attractive benefits for merchants and their customers, making it an easy-to-market product and convenient for companies within the IT distribution value chain. This partnership will reinforce the following competitive advantages for Business Partners who promote customer subscription to the Beam platform:

  • Certification as a Business Partner for the Beam and Sage 50c integration.
  • Diversification of the portfolio with a comprehensive solution in the marketing and digital payments field, optimizing small business management.
  • Generation of new revenue streams.
  • Attractive commissions for each customer subscribing to the Beam platform.
  • Enhanced positioning in the technology solutions market.
  • Benefits tied to the continuous growth of the sector.
  • Strengthened commercial relationships with each customer.
  • Increased business profitability.
  • Digital toolkit, automated processes, smart contracts, and intuitive tools that facilitate customer subscription to the Beam platform.
  • 24/7 online support and training available.

All these competitive advantages make Beam and Sage 50c an excellent opportunity for those who want to take their businesses to the next level!

How to Become a Part of the Beam and Sage 50c Business Partners Network in Portugal?

The process to join the Business Partners network and resell business subscriptions to the Beam platform is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Beam Wallet/partners/resellers website.
  2. Register as a Business Partner for Beam and Sage 50c.
  3. Participate in the next training process and obtain certification.

By following these simple steps, Business Partners of Beam and Sage 50c will gain the necessary business, technical, and technological tools to promote subscription to the Beam platform among Sage 50c users. This will enable them to guide the automated subscription process, train their clients in loyalty campaign creation and execution, and analyze data to support strategic decisions based on accurate information. Additionally, they can closely monitor their sales and commissions.

With Beam and Sage 50c, success is within reach!