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BEAM Token – Early Bird Alert

At BEAM we take innovation at heart as the key to unlocking new opportunities. Today, we are excited to announce the highly anticipated launch of the BEAM Token, a groundbreaking utility Token that is at the heart of the BEAM digital payments platform.

BEAM represents a state-of-the-art mobile payment app, providing users with a convenient and secure platform for conducting transactions, overseeing loyalty programs, and accessing exclusive deals, all within the convenience of their smartphones. Instant cashback rewards are applicable across all BEAM-affiliated retailers, both online and offline. The app is readily available for free download on both the Apple Store and Play Store, having garnered considerable consumer rewards for renowned brands like Carrefour, Calvin Klein, Costa Coffee, Tommy Hilfiger, and numerous others.

The BEAM Token is a cutting-edge digital asset built on the principles of decentralization, security, and scalability. Powered by the ETHEREUM Blockchain (ERC-20) is designed to have maximum liquidity and should appreciate in value significantly as the Beam Platform scales. The BEAM token sale will provide resources for expanding, improving, and growing the Beam Platform. Holders of BEAM tokens are provided instant liquidity, meaning they are free to exchange their tokens whenever necessary.

Key Features of BEAM

1. Decentralization: BEAM operates on a decentralized network, it is not controlled by any single entity. This ensures that transactions are secure, private, confidential and transparent.

2. Security: With advanced encryption algorithms and robust security protocols, BEAM provides users with peace of mind knowing that their funds are protected against unauthorized access transactions even during periods of high demand.

4. Utility: BEAM is a Utility Token, used by the BEAM digital payments platform on retail and online networks. It has a wide range of use cases, including peer-to-peer transactions, online purchases and more. It will grow in value as the network develops and the number of transactions grows.

The BEAM Token will be available for purchase on a first Private Sale round in 4 weeks, entering the Pre-sale round in early June 2024. Don’t be left out.

BEAM Token:
Platform: Ethereum – ERC-20 Smart Token
Purpose: Network Value Token; Conversions
Divisibility: 18 decimals
Underlying Value: Network Value; Licenses; BNT Balance
Supply: Dynamic; Managed via Bancor Protocol’s Smart Token contract
User Classes: ICO participants, Local Partners, Acquirers, Issuers Apps, Data Companies, Lenders etc.

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