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BEAM Token – Exciting times

Very exciting times are coming here at BEAM. We have reached a pivotal moment. The BEAM Token is going public! Yes. After deploying our retail business model with the disruptive Beam Wallet App in selected markets (ask us about it), we are now ready for our own TGE event. Keep your hear to the ground. Stomping sounds are ‘a coming.


BEAM is a cutting-edge mobile payment application that offers users a seamless and secure way to make transactions, manage loyalty programs, and access exclusive offers—all from the palm of their hand. Instant cashback rewards are valid across all BEAM registered retailers, including online retail. The App is available for free on the AppleStore and the PlayStore, having generated a wealth or consumer rewards for brands such as Carrefour, Calvin Clein, Costa Coffee, Tommy Hilfiger among many others.


And now open your way for the BEAM Token. Our technological solution has been built based on the Ethereum Blockchain, taking advantage of all the latest on secure transactions and a distributed ledger. Traditional means of payment use technology and procedures that have had little innovation in the last half century. A credit card transaction at a store triggers a background process with 14 steps, requiring up to 3 days to complete with multiple intermediaries, including card issuers, acquirers, payment gateways, clearing houses, settlement providers, card and terminal manufacturers. This cumbersome process is the backbone of the elementary functions legacy systems require to complete a simple funds transfer. Right up to this day.


The BEAM platform uses a common protocol that combines payments and marketing into a single step. Users get instant cashback rewards and exclusive access to promotional campaigns from their favorite retailers and brands get direct privileged access to valued consumers. The platform expands the acquirer network to include POS systems. All transactions are automatically settled in under five seconds, as the processing is completed using a dual blockchain token system where the BEAM token has a utility crucial function. This ensures that, as the network grows, based on real transactions and purchases on traditional retailers and online stores using the BEAM protocol, the BEAM token becomes more scarce.


There is an inverse ratio between the number of tokens generated by the TGE and the tokens used to operate the protocol. The number of tokens is limited and decreases in time, until the total predetermined number is issued. So, as time progresses there are less and less tokens to support more and more transactions. Token holders will benefit from the appreciation in scarceness of this valuable resource. Tokens are then split in decimals so that the network may provide the required liquidity and keep the platform operational on a global scale. So, do stay in touch and follow our progress. Early adopters will have the chance to hold BEAM tokens from the start. Don’t be left out.

Yes, exciting times are coming for BEAM. After all, we want to revolutionize the payments market. And that is not done without breaking a few dishes from past meals. Times are ‘a changin indeed.