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Want to be a local partner?

The Beam Wallet platform is designed to support future trends in "commercial retailing" by linking the management of commercial services, including rewards and loyalty, with an open payment platform to serve consumers and retailers, which is gradually replacing or complementing older forms of payment and helping to launch targeted marketing campaigns.

Become a Local Partner

Now that you already know Beam, do not miss the opportunity to combine your professional experience with our innovative technology and knowhow, creating and developing your own business, of great scalability and unlimited ROI.

 Choose the territory where you want to run Beam (it can be a country or a region), create your team, expand the network of member stores and multiply the investment, always with our support.

Beam, your gateway to the world of fintechs!


If you meet the requirements, please fill and send us the form below.

Easy Start

Investment from €100.000,00; Earning from the first day

We Provide

Regular meetings and training tutorials, presentations and brand guides, support team

Terms to Become a Local Partner


Beam does not do all the work for the Partners. We only teach how to run a business, how to sell correctly, and give a product that is in demand. But, for real success, you also need a desire to work, develop, make your business the best.


Local partners  – face of Beam and may not be under-trained. Beam has developed special programs for training programmers, sales specialists, as well as business courses for managers.


All partners are members of a large unified Beam team. We carefully monitor cases of dumping, customer theft, and fraud. For us only honest work is acceptable.

4 Reasons to Become Beam Local Partner

Working business

  • Earning from the 1st day
  • Significant Profit
  • Unique product with no direct competitors
  • Easy adoption
  • Optimistic market
  • Business that encourages the digital transition

Easy Start

  • Investment from 100.000€
  • No royalty
  • Flexible working schedule 


  • Regular training and education of personal
  • Helpline with flexible hours
  • Availability of resources such as tutorials, presentations and brand guides
  • Regular meetings to monitor the process
  • Fast and effective global support team


  • We created business
  • Business survived crises
  • Partners around the world
  • An indispensable tool 

How to Become a Local Partner

1st Step

Send the request by full-filing the form

2nd Step

Wait for evaluation and response

Contact Us

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