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Buy online quickly and easily

Just like you, we are also fed up with complex online payment methods. At Beam, all you need to do is two steps and that’s it, secure payment made!


Pay online

We are digital natives and were designed for total integration with the digital world. Your online shopping experience needs to be agile, fast and secure and Beam can offer all of this.
For us, two steps are enough to give you all this.

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So are you a Beamer?

The only step we actually need from you is to verify your identity. If you want to pay, we’ll take care of the rest! You receive a unique code that you place on the website and this way we can ensure that you are the one who wants to pay.


Secure payments

Security. Security is fundamental to any purchase and we take the security of your cards very seriously. Beam is fully compliant with payment security and data processing regulations. All transactions are completely encrypted.

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