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Retain customers and increase business sales! 📊

Dear traders,

Want to attract and retain customers to increase your store’s sales?

Let us introduce you to Beam, the leading loyalty marketing and digital payments platform that together deliver the best shopping experience to your customers.

Optimal shopping experience:

With Beam, your store’s customers will have a unique shopping experience, with agile, secure digital payments and exclusive offers that will captivate them whenever they buy what they need.

With Beam, you don’t have to worry about change, coin or note payments, or even TPAs to accept card payments. Just have a device with internet and a Beam terminal. (which works through NFC technology, Bluethoot or a QRcode).

In turn, users only need their smartphone to make payments, simply by approaching it to the existing terminal in the store. Payment is made instantly and securely.

Cost Reduction:

The Beam platform revolutionizes retail commerce through a circular economy with 0% waste of money and benefits for users and businesses.

In payments:

Through Beam technology, merchants do not need to pay monthly fees on TPAs or payments. With acceptance equipment only a one-time installation cost and after joining Beam, the merchant can accept payments with lower or even non-existent transaction fees.

For this you will have access to a digital terminal (for issuing payments) that can be installed on a device with internet (mobile phone, computer, tablet) or in an online store (integrated with e-commerce in the form of a plugin).


Customer loyalty: Beam allows you to create campaigns for lost customers, best customers and potential customers, with different advantages directed to each profile. You can also create promotional codes for all your customers.

Increase your sales: On average, customers with Beam buy 22% more every month and spend 10% more on each purchase than other customers! 

Beam is really a complete platform that recommends your store daily to thousands of potential customers, without having to do much and without spending money upfront 😉

Data-driven decision making: Through a Business Portal you will receive real-time insights such as sales revenues, store visits, NPS indicators, customer feedback and even tips on how to improve your sales!

Easy membership: Joining Beam is fast, easy and economical. Visit our website here to learn more and grow your business more. 

Our commitment is to help your business! Join Beam and find out how we can help you grow in the digital age.

Doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us through


Rafael Antonio Prieto Mendieta

Business Developer

Together we retain customers so that your business increases sales!