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a) “User” means any user, of whatever nature, who has the Beam application installed on their smartphone and pays for a transaction with the Partner through said application, regardless of the chosen funding source.

b) “Platform” or “application” or “Beam services” means the digital platform of the Beam brand, the Beam smartphone application and all the services that both offer, both to the user and to the Partner.

c) “Beam Incentive System” means the system through which the Partner makes available, as credit in the Beam user’s virtual wallet, part of the final value of the transaction carried out by the latter, using Beam, in its online store.

d) “Virtual Wallet” means the digital wallet, for each Beam user, which allows you to store money from the cashback of transactions carried out, or directly transferred from bank accounts and make payments through Beam.

e) “Cashback” means the percentage credit made available by the Partner, via the Beam incentive system, to the Beam user’s virtual wallet and which the latter can use in any future transaction.

f) “Adjustments” means the amount credited to the Partner, by Beam, in relation to transactions carried out by Beam users in the Partner’s online store.

g) “Business Portal” means the existing interface on the Beam website, made available to the Partner, to access the Beam services.

Other definitions

a) “API Key” means the Beam application programming interface key;

b) “Beam Account” means the account opened by the Beam user, which allows him to use the Beam services, namely to make payments;

c) “Compensation” means the charges and fees applicable to the Partner for providing and using the Beam services;

d) “Agreement” or “Contract” means the agreement entered into between Beam and the Partner, based on these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion;

e) “Plug-in” means the plug-in that Beam provides to the Partner, which will proceed with the respective installation in its online store, starting to be able to receive payments made through the Beam platform;

f) “Transaction” means any transaction made by a user, which includes the purchase and payment, through Beam, of goods or services sold in the Partner’s online store;

g) “User information” means any personal information related to a Beam user, including name, address, telephone number, email address and authorized payment details;

h) “Payment Channels” means any payment funding channels and sources to which Beam users’ Beam account is linked;

i) “POS system” means the technological system used by the Partner to execute transactions by users;

j) “Purchase” means the use of Beam services by Beam users to purchase goods and services in the Partner’s online store;

k) “Payment of purchases” means the amount in euros or other currency, payable to the Partner, by Beam, during the period of regularization of the purchase of goods and services by Beam users, as applicable and established in a separate section of these Terms and Conditions of Membership, excluding applicable Beam charges.

Rewards, loyalty management and mobile payment solution for individual users, that enables perfomance of online and offline payment transactions using a closed loop authentication method and a mobile marketing platform for retailers,in which retailers and/or merchants can promote their products and services by rewarding new/existing/lapsed customers with monetary rewards.

The technology consists of the following components:

  • Beam API (backend) – web service consumed by mobile applications (Apps) and retailer Point of Sales terminal systems. This is the core component of the technology and has three key sub-components:
    • Explore engine – allows users of Beam mobile applications to browse and locate stores and rewards in a geographical area, view of reward levels in list and map views;
    • Transactional engine – allows users of Beam mobile applications to:
      • Make a payment using an established electronic payment, such as payment cards from schemes (e.g. Visa, Mastercard);
      • Earn monetary rewards as percentages of the transaction value to be accumulated in a rewards balance;
      • Select redemption of accumulated rewards into options from selected merchants;
    • Integration protocols or APIs with 3rd party services in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Payment Gateways (such as MIGS, MPGS or similar), Network International switch/terminals, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and 3rd party services including, but not sorely, Mixpanel,, Mailchimp, Rapid7, Cloudinary, GitHub, Zendesk, Slack and Trello;
    • Wallet engine
      • allows users of Beam mobile applications to view their transaction history and have access to all rewards or earned.
      • Request customer service through ticket creation or live chatting.
    • Online payment processing stack for online e-commerce transactions.
  • Mobile apps for consumers (frontend) – native iPhone iOS and Android operating systems applications and used by users of Beam service to perform and to access the Explore, Transactional and Wallet features described above using the Beam API.
  • Point of Sales terminal SDK – a programming interface used to integrate with Pointt of Sales terminals – it communicates with the Beam API to perform payment, rewards redemption and refund transactions as well as generate end-of-day reports summarising the daily transaction totals.
  • Mobile apps for retailers – a stand-alone POS application developed for devices that run on iOS operating system – it communicates with the Beam API to perform payment, rewards redemption and refund transactions as well as generate end-of-day reports summarising the daily transaction totals.
  • Business Portal for retailers – a web-based application allowing merchants to view their transactions and settlement reports.
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