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Beam services can be installed either in your physical store or in your online store. Here you will find the Membership Terms and Conditions to the Beam Services applicable to these two store types.

The Partner must comply with the Terms and Conditions of Adhesion to Beam Services according to the type of store, or stores, to which, or which, contracted Beam services.


Terms and Conditions for Subscribing to Beam Services for the Store Physical

1. Welcome to Beam for physical store These are the Membership Terms and Conditions of the relationship between Beam and the Partner that is dedicated to commerce in physical stores (hereinafter in this part only “Partner”). The Membership Terms and Conditions enter in force from 01.01.2023, applying to all persons, natural or legal entities that are commercial partners of Beam in the physical store aspect. To be able to use Beam to receive payments for goods or services sold in your physical store, the Partner must have a Beam account and agree with the content of the present accession.

By opening and using its Beam account, the Partner accepts comply with these Membership Terms and Conditions, as well as the other rules for those who use the Beam app and website.

As such, you must carefully read all documents provided to you. presented.

We will occasionally revise the Terms and Conditions of Accession and other documents. When this happens, the version magazine will come into effect on the date of its publication.

By continuing to use our services from that date, you agree to changes, being bound by them. If you don’t want to agree, must close your account before the changes take effect. force.

2. About Beam

Beam is a platform for marketing, payments and other services. You can get more information about Beam on our website.

1 3. Definitions

a) Beam: is the Beam platform, application or services, or the BEAM AG, or GBC S.A., or our affiliates, or anyone who works for us or these entities, or who is authorized to act on behalf of Beam or these entities.

b) Partner: is the natural or legal person who intends to use Beam in your physical store, in the exercise of your commercial activity professional.

c) Beam User: is the Partner’s customer, who uses Beam to purchase goods and/or services.

d) Beam platform or app: it is a solution for mobile payments branded Beam, aimed at Beam users, which allows transaction payment execution using a payment method closed loop authentication. At the same time, it is a platform for marketing to Partners through which Partners can promote your products and services through the use of services Beam, as may be developed by Beam or any affiliate.

e) Beam Incentive System: is the system through which the Partner provides, as credit in the user’s virtual wallet Beam, part of the final value of the transaction carried out by it, with using Beam, at your establishment.

f) Virtual Wallet: is the digital wallet, of each Beam user, which allows you to store money from the cashback of transactions made, or directly transferred from bank accounts and carry out payments through Beam.

g) Cashback: is the percentage credit made available by the Partner for via the Beam incentive system, to the virtual portfolio of the Beam user and that he can use in any future transaction.

h) Adjustments: is the amount credited to the Partner, by Beam, regarding transactions carried out by Beam users on the physical establishment. two

i) Business Portal: is the existing interface on the Beam website, made available to the Partner, in order to access the services Beam.

j) API key: it is the Beam app programming interface key. k) Beam Account: is the account opened by the Beam user, which allows you to use Beam services.

l) Beam Compensation: charges and commissions applicable to the Partner for providing Beam services.

m) Agreement: is the agreement entered into between Beam and the Partner, materialized in these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion.

n) Terminal Beam: is any terminal software or hardware point of sale that Beam provides to the Partner, related to the Beam implementation.

o) Beam Services: is the possibility for Beam users to transact with the Partner using the Beam app and or Partner attract, maintain or recover Beam users.

p) Beam Transaction: is any transaction made by a user Beam, which includes the purchase, through Beam, of goods or Partner services.

q) Beam user information: is any information personal related to a Beam user, including name, address, telephone contact, e-mail address and coordinates payment authorization.

r) Payment Channels: any channel and source of financing of the payment that the Beam users’ Beam account is on.

s) POS System: is the technological system used by the Partner to run Beam transactions by Beam users.

t) Purchase: is the use of Beam services, by Beam users, to purchase Partner goods and services.

u) Payment of purchases: is the amount in euros payable to the Partner, by Beam, during the period of regularization of the purchase of 3 goods and services by Beam users, excluding Beam charges applicable.

v) Adhesion form: is the existing form on the Beam website, that the Partner fills in with his personal and activity data, among others, for the purpose of contracting and using the services Beam.

4. Purpose and Advantages

These Membership Terms and Conditions are intended to define the conditions of adhesion, by the Partner, to the present provision proposal marketing services and access to secure transactions through the Beam platform, namely the provision, by Beam, the Partner’s access to Beam and its incentive system, with the inherent advantages, in your physical store.

When installing the Beam equipment, use and operate transactions through Beam, the Partner now has, free of charge, access to its exclusive deals, allowing you to get to know the preferences and consumer behavior of Beam users who, through of the platform, carried out transactions in their establishment and gives ability to launch and manage your own campaigns promotions, aimed at attracting and retaining customers.

Thanks to collected information and upon agreement between the parties, Beam will make marketing campaign proposals available to the Partner targeted, such as cashback, incentives, vouchers and codes promotions, which it will be able to adopt and adjust to the preferences of Beam users, making them more effective and allowing to capture, keep, retrieve and retain customers. In addition, whenever the Beam users pay for transactions using exclusively the existing balance in your virtual wallet, the Partner is exempt from paying any bank fees.

5. Incentive system By joining Beam, the Partner participates in the Beam incentives, forcing itself to grant, to the Beam user, in each transaction carried out by him through Beam on his 4 establishment, cashback in the minimum amount corresponding to the percentage of the price of the product or service indicated by the Partner on the existing membership form on the Beam website.

O Partner may increase the percentage associated with the cashback, particularly in the context of marketing campaigns that intend to accomplish.

The cashback is made available by the Partner to Beam, which will credit the respective amount to the Beam user account, deducted from compensation for services rendered.

6. Adjustments In order to continue to guarantee the lowest bank fees once payment from the Beam user has been received, Beam will settle, together with of the Partner, the credit of the amounts due:

i) On the following business day, for transactions whose amount is equal to or greater than €100.00;

ii) Weekly, for transactions whose value is less than €100.00. Beam will proceed with the regularization through transfer bank account, to the bank account with the indicated IBAN and SWIFT code by the Partner. The amount to be credited to the Partner will soon be deducted from the amount corresponding to the cashback granted, which includes the Beam compensation.

7. Requirements Beam transactions must be processed by the Partner in euros (€).

However, Beam can authorize that Beam transactions can be regularized in other currencies, as long as this is requested and authorized in writing.

Beam reserves the right to request that the Processing of Beam transactions is carried out in currencies foreign companies, consequently the Partner agrees to adhere to any instructions issued by Beam relating to Beam transactions in foreign currencies.

The Partner undertakes to keep records of the Beam transactions for at least 12 months from the date of delivery of goods and services related to Beam transactions.

This obligation remains for up to 12 months after the eventual expiry of the agreement. At Beam’s request, the Partner will provide, as soon as it is possible, a legible copy of any record relating to 5 Beam transactions.

The terminal and Beam equipment have conditions to issue a daily report with all transactions Beam sessions carried out on each terminal and Beam device.

8. Acceptance of Beam services The Partner declares to accept Beam transactions and services from users Beam for the purchase of goods and services from the Partner.

Partner accepts that any applicable credit, vouchers or promotional offers for Beam users, as set out in the agreement, will be redeemable by the Partner for an amount equivalent to the face value of the relevant credits, vouchers or promotional offers.

The Partner agrees not to redeem in cash or equivalent any relevant credits, vouchers or offers to Beam users.

9. Payment For purposes of this section, “date of transaction” means an electronic statement (accessible through the business portal) that reveals the authorization code for any Beam transaction that is subject to payment for purchases. payments from purchases will be made through transfer to the account bank account in Portugal, indicated in writing by the Partner, such payments made by Beam.

By Beam’s option, the Payments for purchases may, alternatively, be made by compensation through the Beam platform.

In any case, the Beam charges will be settled as established in these Membership Terms and Conditions. Compensation for services provided by Beam cannot be less than 25% of the cashback, discount or benefit granted by the Partner to the Beam user.

In simultaneous with the regularization of purchase payments by the Beam portal, Beam will make available to the Partner the information about transactions. The Partner must, within 7 working days of count from the date on which the transaction data is made available to the Partner, verify payments for purchases and in case the Partner wants to contest the data about the transactions or the purchase payments, notify Beam in writing (notification of 6 contestation).

If Beam does not receive the dispute notice in the mentioned period, data on transactions and payments of purchases will be deemed irrevocably accepted by the Partner.

If a dispute notice is issued, the parties must make every effort to amicably resolve any dispute and if the dispute cannot be resolved amicably, will be subject to the resolution procedures specified in these Membership Terms and Conditions.

Beam will notify Partner, by in writing, of any overpayment you have incurred (overpayment notification). Wanting to object, the Partner must do so in writing, within 7 working days of from the date of receipt of the overpayment notification.

If Partner does not dispute within this period, Beam may reverse or seek to revert through the Beam portal the excess payment for by way of a debit or offset against future payments due for purchase payments.

Purchase payments to payable to Partner include all applicable tax charges in Portugal, Beam not having to bear any other charges tax related to transactions. 10. Data Partner will keep your API key in a safe place, only accessible to selected employees, committing themselves not to share the API key with third parties.

The Partner declares that it will keep proper security procedures for the access control to Beam users’ confidential information.

It also declares that it will only process and access any information regarding the personal data of Beam users in compliance with the applicable rules of law, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016) and the Personal Data Protection Law (Law No. 58/2019, of 8 August).

Partner confirms that, if applicable:

i) it will protect, through password, access to any information relating to users 7 Beam held on the internet or other support, reserving said password only to selected employees;

ii) will not require, will use and store any information relating to users Beam for purposes unrelated to Beam transactions, or who knows how to be fraudulent;

iii) will not provide information about the Beam users to third parties, except as required by Beam, nor will it buy, sell or exchange user information Beam in any form;

iv) will keep, in a safe place and only accessible to selected employees, records containing information about Beam users;

v) will not solicit or retain the personal identification number, whatever the reason or reason, from a Beam user. Beam confirms that it will not have access to data held in the POS of the Partner, except for those who, in common agreement, are provided by the Partner for the sole purpose of process transactions relating to the provision of Beam services.

Beam will take all necessary legal measures to safeguard personal data, personal identification and any information from the Partner and Beam users, through policies and practices physical, electronic and operational, with all data and information considered confidential and not shareable with the 3rd.

11. Invalid Transactions

A Beam transaction is invalid when:

a) Is illegal or prohibited under any legal provision.

b) Beam or the organization responsible for the payment channel refuse to authorize the Beam transaction, regardless of reason.

c) The Partner knows that the Beam transaction is not being carried out by the Beam user himself.

d) The Partner is in breach of the agreement. The Partner undertakes to indemnify Beam for any damages that this has as a result of an invalid transaction at that attributable. Without prejudice to the aforementioned obligation, the Partner agrees that it will directly refund the Beam user within 8 7 days from the refund request submitted by the user Beam, or by Beam:

i) for amounts and charges that exceed the amount due for goods or services provided;

ii) for the amounts and charges incurred for error, negligence or for providing goods or services that have not been delivered on time awake;

iii) for amounts and charges charged wrongly or fraudulent through the use of the Partner’s API key, without the Beam’s and Partner’s consent.

12. Beam Obligations Beam undertakes to:

a) Install and configure the Beam equipment in the establishment of the Partner within a maximum period of thirty days from the adhesion of the Partner to these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion, allowing that Beam users can use Beam to perform secure transactions at that establishment, and Beam cannot be responsible for any losses resulting from insufficient quality of the existing internet network connection.

b) Enable the Partner’s workers and collaborators with training in the operation of Beam equipment and accepting payments through Beam, as well as explaining the its operation and benefits to customers, within the period referred to in the previous paragraph.

c) Advertise, on the Beam platform, for the knowledge of all Beam users, business information and establishment of the Partner, namely its object, description, photographs, contacts, opening hours, website, location in map and comments.

d) Make available to the Partner, in its exclusive business portal, general information about the commercial behavior of users Beam, thus enhancing the increase in transactions and disclosure, promotion and publicity of the Partner’s business, without prejudice to the current legal regulations on data protection. 9

e) Ensure that the payment of transactions carried out on the Partner establishment, exclusively using balance existing in the Beam user’s virtual wallet, is not subject to payment of any fees.

13. Partner Obligations

The Partner undertakes to:

a) Guarantee access and technical conditions for Beam to install, configure and maintain Beam equipment in your establishment, having to bear the respective cost, refraining from carrying out, for own means, any tampering or repairs to these equipment, which continue to belong to Beam.

b) Ensure that the workers and collaborators of its establishment are duly prepared and accept payments through Beam, being able to clarify the customer of the procedure and the advantages of becoming a Beam user.

c) Grant, to each Beam user, the cashback owed by the commercial transaction carried out at the establishment, as well as to settle Beam compensation.

d) Reach, in each establishment equipped with Beam, a minimum of thirty monthly transactions, carried out through Beam.

e) Proceed with immediate publicity, in its establishment, website on internet and social networks, of the possibility of, from now on, accepting transactions through Beam, namely posting such information at the entrance of the establishment and sharing, in the networks social media, a minimum of three Beam campaigns, which may be performed by Beam.

14. Other obligations:

The Partner is also obliged to:

a) Accept, respect and comply with these Terms and Conditions, in Partner quality.

b) Install and maintain, at its own expense, the internet and telecommunications with adequate capacity and specifications and approved by Beam. 10

c) Whenever necessary, integrate at its expense any software and respective updates that are required for the Partner POS system accepts Beam transactions.

d) Comply with implementation instructions reasonably required.

e) If applicable, use only the API key provided by Beam for use at the Partner’s POS terminals.

Upon conclusion of the agreement, the Partner may request and Beam may, at your discretion:

a) Arrange for the installation of the necessary equipment (terminals Beam) at the Partner’s premises, with the costs established between the parts.

b) Provide the Partner with initial training and/or guidance and instructions deemed necessary by Beam.

c) Provide the Partner with the Beam user manuals in electronic format. Whenever applicable, Beam will provide the Partner with the API key for each POS terminal used by the Partner. The Partner is responsible for providing any further education or training to its employees, current or future.

The ownership of any equipment, software programs, manuals and or other related documents provided by Beam to the Partner are permanently as the exclusive property of Beam and the agreements, commitments or contracts that the Partner may enter into you can never encumber, pledge, sell or commit Beam.

If Beam terminals and equipment are supplied to the Partner, Beam grants Partner a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use of the app and proprietary rights and trademarks associated with the terminals and in connection with the provision of Beam services, as well as such as Partner’s use and acceptance of the Beam services pursuant to with these Membership Terms and Conditions.

The Partner acknowledges that the Beam terminals and equipment, the app, all rights of intellectual property, intellectual creations and all trademarks 11 associated commercial properties are property of Beam, committing itself not to contest the validity of such rights.

The Partner acknowledges that any appreciation that derives from the use of intellectual property or of Beam’s intellectual creations is a benefit of Beam and does not from him.

Except if expressly agreed, Beam does not provide any warranty relating to the software programs that are part of the Beam terminals and equipment, nor of the application and from the platform.

Beam is not responsible for delays in processing or other malfunctions due to events such as fires, failures in telecommunications systems, failures in equipment, strikes, riots, riots, wars, failures of suppliers, vendors, processors or transmitters of information and other acts, or causes about which it has no control.

15. Confirmations and Commitments The Partner is solely responsible for complying with the obligations to the Beam user, including providing paid goods or services.

When, as a result of events to which Beam is alien, the Beam services are not working, and or Beam is prevented from providing the Beam services to the Partner, Beam will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience that the Partner may suffer.

The Partner undertakes to sell products and provide services to the Beam user at the prices published or advertised by the Partner for the respective products and services.

The Partner undertakes to make every effort, namely those provided for in these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion, to reach the minimum monthly number of transactions through of Beam referred to in these Membership Terms and Conditions.

The Partner undertakes not to refuse purchases by users Beam and not to grant preference or encourage purchases in money or by other equivalent means.

The Partner undertakes not to refuse the application of valid and normal discounts to Beam users who want to make purchases through the services 12 Beam and offered to customers who make payments in cash or other form of payment.

By agreement between the parties, the Partner will maintain, on a permanent basis, in all its facilities, promotional and advertising material provided by Beam, related to the Beam service. Partner also agrees to submit to Beam, for its prior written approval, any advertising material using the Beam brand, logo, design and the colors, or any representation thereof.

The Partner agrees and undertakes to provide Beam with a copy of your incorporation and commercial registration documents, licenses and other authorizations officially required to conduct its activity commercial, in order to allow them to confirm that the Party third operates in the market in compliance with current legislation.

The Partner undertakes to conduct its business covered by this according to the best commercial and business practices.

The Partner must not perform or provide any product or service whose payment is made through Beam services without obtaining Beam’s prior arrangement.

16. Duration, cessation and vicissitudes

The agreement resulting from the adherence to these Terms and Conditions of Membership lasts for three years, being successive and automatically renewable, for equal periods, unless either party expresses its opposition by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the headquarters of the others, with the at least ninety days prior to the scheduled date for the renovation.

Either party may terminate the agreement, regardless of just cause, by registered letter with notice of receipt, sent to the headquarters of the others, in advance minimum of sixty days from the date of termination. beam can immediately terminate the agreement, without the need for prior notice, in the event that the Partner acts in bad faith, fails to comply with its obligations, or use the equipment and services provided and made available in violation of applicable law. being the deal 13 resolved under the terms of the previous number, Beam has the right to refund of the Beam equipment installed in the establishment from the Partner and to demand, from the latter, the payment of the amount corresponding to the cost of installation, plus VAT at the legal rate in force, as a penal clause, without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for all damages, pecuniary and otherwise, assets suffered.

In the case of receiving a claim from a third party, denouncing the improper use of the services contracted here, Beam has the right to temporarily suspend the execution of the this Agreement, for the period of time strictly necessary for the determination of responsibilities, without obligation to indemnify the counterparty in whatever capacity.

The Partner may not assign the rights and obligations arising from this agreement to a third party, without prior authorization from Beam. 17. Other fundamentals Without prejudice to other situations provided for in a separate section of these Terms and Conditions of Membership, Beam may terminate the agreement with the Partner, with or without prior notice, if the Partner, namely:

a) Provide incorrect or misleading information, or omit any materially relevant information, upon acceptance of these Membership Terms and Conditions.

b) Process an illegal or prohibited transaction.

c) Failure to comply with any provision of the Membership Terms and Conditions.

d) Is declared insolvent, or has been appointed a trustee.

e) Go into liquidation, enter into an agreement with creditors, or cease activity.

f) Allow a third party to use the terminals or any other Beam equipment, without prior authorization from Beam.

18. Effects Terminated, in any way, the agreement between Beam and the Partner:

a) The agreement shall become void as of the date indicated in the termination or the date on which the termination took place, as the case may be. 14

b) Beam may immediately cancel the Partner’s API key.

c) The Partner must return the terminals and Beam equipment provided to you, under the conditions established between the parties, and shall not process any other Beam transaction.

d) Beam will have no obligation to accept and may refuse transactions from the Partner

e) Partner must immediately comply with any instruction additional Beam, regarding software or components of hardware provided by Beam.

f) Partner must cease any use of Beam, the terminals and Beam equipment and any trademark or intellectual creation of Beam, whether in print, electronic or otherwise. The term of the agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of the parties created prior to their expiry date. After the expiration of the agreement, the Partner will not be entitled to claim, from Beam, any compensation, reimbursement or compensation for loss of customers, goodwill, lost profits on anticipated sales, income or similar, or indirect or consequential loss.

19. Suspension

The Partner confirms and accepts that Beam will control the transactions Beam carried out through the Partner’s POS system, including uncompleted transactions. If the volume of transactions made by the Partner is less than the minimum monthly number provided for in these Membership Terms and Conditions, Beam may decide suspend Beam services for a period of 90 days, deemed enough for the Partner to make efforts to achieve the contracted objectives .

If the Partner receives, given time, a number or amount of Beam transactions more higher than what Beam considers normal, Beam may suspend Partner’s access to the use of Beam services.

If the parties do not agree on how to resolve and reduce the transactions referred to, Beam will be able to resolve the agreement 15 immediately, as provided in a separate section of these Terms and Conditions of Membership.

20. Differences and jurisdiction

Partner will attempt to promptly and diligently resolve any disagreement with Beam users regarding transactions and payments made or attempted between the Partner and the Beam users, through Beam, and must provide Beam with information regarding the transactions on which the discrepancy falls.

In the event that Partner suffers any loss or damage resulting from process an invalid transaction that is later completed only having been authorized due to error or failure in the Beam, Beam systems will reimburse the Partner for an amount equivalent to the cost of the products and services to which the affected Beam transaction relates, in together with any Beam charge related to such transaction Beam.

Partner confirms and agrees that such refund will be the only compensation to you for Beam’s error or failure and in no circumstance will be liable for any loss of profit, goodwill, business, reputation, indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Case any dispute arising as a result of these Terms and Conditions is not resolved by the parties within 30 days of from the date of their appearance, any one of them can resort to the arbitration mechanism, in accordance with the Rules of the Center of Arbitration of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lisbon.

The number of arbitrators is 1, which in the absence of agreement between the parties will be chosen according to the said rules. the place of arbitration will be in Lisbon and the language used in the arbitration will be English.

The arbitrator’s decision will be final and binding. to any litigation arising from the content and compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Membership the law of the Republic of Ireland shall apply.

21. Liability

Partner agrees to indemnify and hold Beam and its representatives, namely directors and employees, exempt from:

16 a) Claim or demand, including legal fees, submitted by third parties as a result of your breach of these Terms and Conditions of Membership, or your violation of any law or right of third parties in connection with your use of Beam (including in connection with any additional services), by Partner.

b) Any loss or damage incurred as a direct result or indirect third-party access to the Partner’s account or API key.

c) Any claims, losses, damages or liabilities that Beam may incur due to:

i) Partner’s failure to comply with its obligations established in these Terms and Conditions of Accession;

(ii) error, fraud or negligence by Partner, or its employees, or their collaborators;

iii) processing, by part of the Partner and/or its employees or collaborators, with incorrect information, from a Beam transaction;

iv) non-compliance, by the Partner, of any alteration in the processes, due in the Beam warning sequence;

v) processing, by the Partner and/or the its employees or collaborators, of an illegal transaction or forbidden. Beam agrees to indemnify and hold Partner, its representatives, directors and employees, exempt from any claim or demand, including legal costs, made by a third party party resulting from any breach by Beam of the these Terms and Conditions of Membership, or the violation, by Beam, any law or third party right relating to the use of Beam.

The provisions on indemnities mentioned above remain after the expiration or cancellation, for whatever reason, of the agreement between the parts. Without prejudice to the previous provisions, none of the parties will be responsible for any indirect losses or consequences suffered by the other party as a result of the failure or negligence of the other party.

The financial responsibility of any party may not exceed the total value of the Beam transaction subject to dispute or disagreement.

22. General 17

The Partner may not assign or transfer, to third parties, the rights and obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions of Accession, without obtaining Beam’s prior agreement. if any provision of these Membership Terms and Conditions for found to be invalid, illegal or non-binding, the non-existent, keeping the others fully valid and applicable.

If, in given occasion, one of the parties does not act in respect of a default by the other party or a third party, as does not prejudice the right to subsequently act against those or others in relation to subsequent or similar defaults. You these Membership Terms and Conditions are not suitable to create an agency, employment, joint venture or any other form of commercial relationship between the parties, remaining, Beam and the Partner, legally independent entities with no authority to oblige each other.

These Membership Terms and Conditions constitute the only existing agreement between us and the Partner, regarding the matters covered therein, prevailing over any negotiations or other prior arrangements. Any representations, provisions, commitments or arrangements, whether oral or written, express or implied, shall have no force or effect beyond of what is contained in these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion. 23. Effectiveness The Partner expressly acknowledges and accepts that he has read these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion, having understood the respective content and scope, namely the terms, conditions, consequences, rights and obligations embodied therein.

The Partner agree with the content and scope of the agreement materialized in the these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion, having expressed, in free and enlightened way, the will to celebrate it, translated in the filling in the required fields of the membership form available on the Beam website and by ticking the option there of wanting to hire Beam services.

The agreement considers entered into and takes effect from the moment the 18 Partner, after carrying out the steps described above, implements the payment of the amount due for membership and installation of Beam.


Terms and Conditions for Subscribing to Beam Services for the Store Online

1. Welcome to Beam for online store

These are the Membership Terms and Conditions of the relationship between Beam and the Partner engaged in electronic commerce (hereinafter in this part only “Partner”).

The Membership Terms and Conditions enter in force from 01.01.2023, applying to all persons, natural or legal entities that are commercial partners of Beam in the e-commerce aspect.

To be able to use Beam to receive payments for goods or services sold through e-commerce, the Partner must be registered in the respective country, have an account Beam and agree with the content of this accession.

When opening and using your Beam account, the e-commerce Partner agrees to comply with these Membership Terms and Conditions, as well as other rules provided for those using the Beam app and website.

As such, it must carefully read all the documents presented to you. We will occasionally review the Terms and Conditions of Membership and other documents.

When that happens, the revised version will enter in force on the date of its publication.

By continuing to use our services from that date, you agree to the changes, being linked to them.

If you do not want to agree, you must close your account before the changes take effect.

2. About Beam Beam is a platform for marketing, payments and other services. You can get more information about Beam on our website.

3. Beam eCommerce Partner Account The e-commerce Partner account is for persons, individuals or collective, which have a store selling goods and or services online and want the payment of the corresponding price to be made online, through Beam, with the inherent advantages. 19

4. Secure use of your Beam account Partner shall take reasonable steps to prevent the misuse of your Beam account.

You will need to maintain security and proper control of any and all devices, items, IDs, password and personal identification number or code you use to access the Beam account and services. The Partner must comply all reasonable instructions that we may issue regarding the how you can keep your Beam account safe.

We may require authentication of any instructions relating to the Partner’s account

(i.e. giving us the information we need to ensure that you are giving us a certain instruction, such as, for example, sending the correct login information, including email address and password) and log in successfully into your Beam account.

The Partner undertakes to maintain your current Beam account profile, postal address, email address, email, a phone number and other contact information.

5. Permissions to third parties Partner can grant, remove and manage permissions for third parties perform certain actions on your behalf. Partner acknowledges and consent that , if you grant permission to third parties to perform actions on your behalf, we may have to disclose certain information about your account to such third parties. the granting of permission for third parties to access your account does not exempt the Partner of any of the responsibilities provided for in these Terms and Membership Conditions. The Partner is responsible, before Beam, for any actions that you authorize a third party to take.

Therefore, the Partner cannot impute “to Beam” any liability arising from of the actions or omissions of said third parties, resulting from the permissions you have given them.

6. Close Beam account Partner may terminate its Beam account upon notice prior notice, made sixty days in advance of the intended closing date. Beam may decide to terminate the 20 Partner’s account, and must notify the Partner within sixty days of in advance of the closing date. we can likewise, suspend, terminate or limit access to the account of the Partner, immediately and without prior notice, if:

a) The Partner violates these Terms and Conditions of Membership;

b) Partner does not access their Beam account for sixty days consecutive;

c) There are suspicions that the account was accessed without authorization. If we decide to terminate, suspend or limit Partner’s access to your account, you will receive a notification which, whenever possible, shall indicate the reasons for such decision. Regardless of reasons and who took the initiative, when the Partner’s account is closed:

a) These Terms and Conditions of Adhesion are immediately extinguished, except for the period of time necessary to process the account termination and comply with applicable law;

b) We may cancel any pending transactions and the Partner you may lose the balances associated with them;

c) We may withhold Partner balances, to the extent and during the time necessary to protect ourselves or others from the risk of cancellations, commissions, fines, sanctions and other responsibilities;

d) We may suspend, limit or terminate Partner access or your use of our services, website, software, app, systems, networks and servers, operated by us or on our behalf;

e) The Partner remains responsible for all obligations applicable to your account, set forth in these Terms and Membership Conditions;

f) We may keep your information in our database, for the purpose of complying with legal obligations. Please contact us for assistance if you have any questions about funds held in your account at the time of termination or if you are the Partner’s legal representative in the meantime 21 disabled or deceased.

In the event that, for whatever reason, we decide to discontinue any of our services or any part or functionality thereof, we will send you notice prior to the Partner at least sixty days in advance, except if:

a) The discontinuation of the service or functionality due to legal requirement or a relationship with a third party;

b) The giving of prior notice is adequate to create a risk of security or a substantial economic or material technical burden for Beam.

7. Risk of cancellations

When we receive a payment from the funding source of the Partner’s customer, we may need to store the money in a reservation account, believing that there is a risk of cancellation by the financing provider.

However, this will only happen if we have all the necessary information to make the payment funds and only as long as that risk exists.

8. Balance

When the Partner’s customer uses our platform to perform the payment, you must have funds to cover the price of the good or service and other costs eventually due, under penalty of not being possible to complete the transaction.

9. Currencies It is up to the Partner to define, among the currencies allowed by Beam, the currency or currencies in which you agree to receive payment of the price of the purchase.

The cost of any exchanges necessary for full payment will be borne by the customer, in accordance with the rules and conditions of our bank.

Unable to manage or converting currency for the purposes of speculative trading, currency arbitrage conversion, conversion options or any other activity that we deem to be principally intended to obtain or realize of money based on currency conversion rates. we can 22 withhold or cancel any transaction that we deem to be violate this policy.

10. How Beam handles currency conversion

Currency conversion will be processed by our bank as per the rules and conditions set by you, not having us, nor Beam, any liability in the process ment.

The Partner accepts that any costs arising from the conversion procedure of coins that are attributable to you cannot, under any circumstances, be Beam’s responsibility.

11. Account Statements and Request Account Records

The Partner will be able to consult and download his account statement Beam when logging in.

The Partner accepts to analyze its transactions through the history of the Beam account, eliminating the need to receive any periodic email extracts. Beam can send, by email, to the Partner, information about payments made to your order and other documents related to the transactions.

Beam retains the right to charge a fee for providing additional information that the Partner requests. By email, or at transaction history to which the Partner will be able to access when initiating Beam account session, we will provide details of the amounts received and discounted, not being able to make any deductions.

Beam does not provide for the payment of a monthly fee or cost of maintenance for your services. 12.

Telecommunications expenses Partner is responsible for telecommunications expenses and others that allow you to connect and enjoy our services. Us we provide the Beam service, and it is up to the Partner to ensure that has the technological and communication conditions to use it.

13. Regularization After confirming the payment with the source of customer financing, Beam will proceed with the settlement through bank transfer, to the account indicated by the Partner.

To to continue to guarantee the best possible conditions, 23 regularization with the Partner will occur within the terms and conditions provided for in a separate section of these Terms and Conditions of Adhesion.

A amount to be credited to the Partner will soon be deducted from the amount corresponding to the cashback granted.

Beam can refuse to proceed with the adjustment if:

a) The customer does not have enough balance to support the cost of acquisition of the good or service transacted by the Partner and any other costs, or your funding source lacks funds enough to cover the money needed to make the payment to the Partner;

b) The Partner has not provided all the requested information, mandatory to carry out the regularization;

c) The amount to be settled exceeds the limit set by Beam;

d) We have reason to believe that an activity has occurred unusual, suspicious, fraudulent, irregular, or unlawful, relating to the Partner’s or customer’s account, or which in any way violates these Terms and Conditions of Membership.

14. Special funding sources

Some customer payments may be funded by sources of special financing associated with the customer’s Beam account, such as the your Beam balance, vouchers, promotional vouchers, or others.

The utilization of these special fonts may be subject to Terms and Conditions of Specific adhesion between Beam, the client and/or the Partner, being that, in most situations, it does not make any difference to the Partner.

15. Receipt Limits Beam may, at its discretion, impose limits on the amount and amount of payments that Partner may receive for sales that effect.

To remove the receipt limit, you will need to follow the steps that we communicate to you or that we publish from time to time.

16. Collection of surcharges

Beam does not encourage charging surcharges as it is a e-commerce practice that can penalize the customer and create 24 unnecessarily confusion, friction and abandonment in the Check-out.

Partner shall not apply surcharges or higher prices high due to the fact that the payment is made through Beam.

17. Beam Presentation The Partner must treat Beam as a means of payment, at least at the same level as any other means of payment made available on the respective website and online store, including the application for mobile devices.

This includes at least one equal or substantially similar treatment in terms of:

a) Positioning of the logo;

b) Position on any website and online store;

c) Treatment in terms of payment flow, terms, conditions, restrictions or commissions, in each case with respect to other brands and means of payment in the Partner’s online stores.

The Partner may not, under any circumstances, reduce the capabilities of Beam as a system for making and accepting payments, nor express a preference for the use of other means and systems of payment at the expense of Beam.

18. Taxes and information declaration It is the Partner’s responsibility to determine which taxes applicable, if any, to the payments you receive and are your sole responsibility to assess, collect, declare plow and send the correct taxes to the relevant authorities. beam is not responsible for determining whether there are taxes applicable to the transaction, nor for calculating, charging, stating or remitting any taxes arising from any transaction.

19. Payments in the online store If the Partner accepts Beam payments in its online store, it must to inform the customer of the total amount of the transaction, before this to be fulfilled.

You can only charge your customer account for transactions that he has authorized.

Partner must issue a receipt referring to each transaction carried out, which must contain one

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