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Natalia Catarina, CEO of Beam Wallet: Among the 50 Women Entrepreneurs Shaping Portugal’s Innovation Ecosystem 🏆


Beam Wallet Shaping Portugal’s Innovation Ecosystem

Beam Wallet Shaping Portugal’s Innovation Ecosystem
On February 29th, Natalia Catarina, CEO of Beam Wallet, received prominent recognition for being selected among the 50 women leaders who are transforming the business and startup landscape in Portugal. This distinction, published by Vestbee under the title “Top 50 Women From VC and Startup Ecosystem In Portugal” and presented by Aleksandra Wirth, highlights the pivotal role these women play in the country’s innovation.

The inclusion of Natalia Catarina is a testament to her tireless leadership and contribution to the innovation sector in Portugal through the Beam Wallet platform. With a focus on loyalty marketing and digital payments, Beam Wallet is redefining the shopping experience for consumers and retailers, thus driving the technological revolution from Spain and Portugal.

At Beam Wallet, we pride ourselves on highlighting and celebrating these women leaders, whose innovative vision and determination are making a significant difference in the Portuguese business landscape. From CEOs to investors, these women are changing the entrepreneurial narrative and redefining what it means to lead in the world of startups and venture capital.

These women leaders are not only achieving notable individual success but also paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse business culture in Portugal. Their dedication and perseverance are an inspiration to all women aspiring to lead in their respective fields.

From Beam Wallet, we extend an invitation to everyone to join us in congratulating and celebrating these extraordinary women who, through their leadership and accomplishments, are building a more inclusive and prosperous future for all. Visit our page and show your appreciation and admiration for these leaders who are changing the world.

Among the standout leaders accompanying Natalia Catarina on this list are:

Entrepreneurship and Technology:

Cintia Mano – COREangels

Maria Costeira – Kildare Innovation

Marta Palmeiro – StudentFinance

Sofia Santos – Faber Ventures

Marta Sousa Monteiro – AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

Liliana Castro – Portuguese Women in Tech

Beatriz Oliveira – BindTuning

Inês Santos Silva – Portuguese Women in Tech

Sofia Pessanha – CareRev

Joana Rafael – Sensei

Elisangela Souza – IDE Social Hub

Elisa Tarzia – 351 Portuguese Startup Association

Simone Franke – SheSapiens

Hélène Guillaume Pabis – Wild.AI

Joana Morais – Xelidoni

Fahima Farahi –

Maria Freitas – uMore

Mariana Lourenço – Stories Collective

Mafalda Ricca – X-Plora

Filipa Neto – Chick by Choice

Susana Sargento – Veniam

Daniela Seixas – Tonic App

Catarina Pessoa-Lopes – UP Desenvolvimento

Mariama Injai – Nô bai

Joana Pinto – Clynx Health

Irina Leca – NewTowner App

Beatriz Azevedo – Ccrave

Investment and Venture Capital:

Rita Vilas-Boas – Shilling VC

Ana Lobo Xavier – Portugal Ventures

Cristina Fonseca – Indico Capital Partners

Lurdes Gramaxo – Bynd Venture Capital

Helena Taveira – Portugal Ventures

Adelina Figuiredo – Portugal Ventures

Joanna Rocha – Portugal Ventures

Sílvia Silva – Portugal Ventures

Andrea Hajdu Howe – Antler Capital

Sonia Fernandez – Kibo Ventures

Covadonga García – Valdés – Kibo Ventures

Nancy Brito – Ground Capital

Rita Sousa – Faber Ventures

Lara Vidreiro – Binomial Ventures

Doreen Toutikian – omgyno

Fashion and Sustainability:

Liliana Rosário – Circular Closet

Beatriz Azevedo – Ccrave


Maria Semedo – Executive Director at Vega Ventures


Accelerator and Incubator Management:

Marília Santos – Startup Portugal


Social Entrepreneurship:

Elisangela Souza – IDE Social Hub

Mariama Injai – Nô bai

Assunção Loureiro – SeaTheFuture

Jwana Godinho – Access Lab

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