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Participate in the BEAM TOKEN pre-sale

Participate in the BEAM TOKEN pre-sale

Participate in the BEAM TOKEN pre-sale

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Payments Acceptance for your online store!

Integrate the Beam solution in your online store and allows for two-step payments.


Free and Fast Sign-up

Click on join and fill out the membership form, stipulating a fixed amount of cashback you want to offer on each purchase to attract and retain customers. You will then be contacted by our team that will help you install the plugin in your online store.

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Start accepting payments with Beam

Beam will be integrated into your online store as a payment option. Customers only need to enter their Beam account details and a security validation. In addition, your e-commerce will be recommended to potential customers on a daily basis via the mobile app app for users. Beam is a Global Payment solution that allows your customers to pay anywhere in the world via Beam.


Monitor sales and create campaigns

Monitor sales, NPS indicators, and much more via a management portal. You can also create cashback campaigns on specific days and times for different types of customers ( best customers, lost customers and new customers ), vouchers, promocodes, and much more.

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(automatic cashback)


You will be in good company

How it works

A merchant product is added to the cart

A merchant's product is added to the store by the customer and a total cart value is updated. This is the value that will be communicated to Beam.


The customer enters their email/phone number and their PIN for authentication on Beam.

One Time Password

Beam will send the customer their one-use password via email or number, which will be placed in the field available later in the area

It's done!

You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beam?

Beam is a mobile application that processes online and offline payments. Users can associate different payment methods such as credit cards, debit and other digital wallets, paypall etc. On each beam purchase they earn cashback to use in future purchases. They can pay through their accumulated Beam balance or from another source of financing.

What will be the costs I need to bear when accepting Beam payments in my ecommerce?

There are no joining costs or monthly fees. You just have to offer a fixed percentage of cashback to your customers in way to incetivise them to make future purchases. 

What is Cashback?

The merchant defines a cashback percentage that he wants to offer to his customers in each transaction, as an incentive to purchase, as well as to attract new customers. This cashback amount can be used by the customer on future purchases in the Beam network.

How can Beam benefit my business?

In addition to your store being recommended daily in the app to all of Beamers arround the world, you can retain clientes through campaigns. Beam is also a global payment solution capable of converting different currencies intantiately, allowing your customers to pay anywhere in the world!

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Payments Acceptance for your online store!